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Hour of the Wolf

March 8 - 10

Hour of the Wolf

Thriller by Anthony Lamarr White. Directed by Gary Brame.

Simon Morrison has spent the past 30 years of his life in prison for brutally murdering his father, mother and young brother. At the age of 16, Simon became one of the most infamous killers in the country. Even though Simon never spoke to anyone about the murders, several books were written about him - the most famous being "The Heart That Murdered," upon which a movie was based. For 30 years he's kept silent about that night, but upon his release, Simon agrees to an exclusive television interview.

That interview turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse that will play out live on
television before millions of viewers. Forgotten secrets will be revealed. Lives will
be lost. And these sixty minutes will be forever remembered as the HOUR OF THE

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