As a membership organization, the Monticello Opera House depends on the generous donations of patrons of the arts. The individuals listed below are in the top four categories of membership levels which include our best supporters over the years. Please consider joining the Membership of the Monticello Opera House today. Application can be completed online and there are many benefits including discounts for shows, free tickets, t-shirts and more. 

“Creativity takes courage. ” 
― Henri Matisse
PERKINS - $1,000 and above
Dick & Friedel Bailar
Antonio & Bruny Betancourt
Kevin Carr
Charles Smallwood


Gretchen & Troy Avera

Mary-Anne Bestebreurtje

Bill Bippus

Tom & Helen Braswell

Ron & Pat Cichon

Don & Brenda Earle

Patricia Garner

Eleanor & John Hawkins

Rebecca Hogg

Angela Hurtado

Pat Inmon

L. Gary Wright & Associates, LLC

Norm & Kathy Madsen

Chuck Ramsey

Steve & Susan Rissman

Lina & Paul Schrader-Nahoom

Mary Snelgrove

Brenda Sorensen

Scott & Amber Swords

Bug Tonski

Tom & Denise Vogelgesang

David & Linda Ward

Kathleen Kelly


Marty Bishop

Mike & Becky Clayton

Claude Peffer

Rossie & Terry Tullis

SUSTAINING - $500 donation

Jay & Beth Adams

Barbara Culbreath

James Delaney

Geoff & Pat Monge

SPONSOR - $250 donation

Richard Beetsma

Fred & Sally Beshears

Mike & Judy Carney

Tom & Terri Dunn

Duncan Hoehn

Kelly & Mike Kuersteiner-Beck

Angie & Bob Perry

Nancy & Robert Crew Wideman

Individual - $35 Donation

Edith & Paul Adams

Georgiana Barker

Augusta Bird

Susan Borland

Polly Brown

Mary Ann Conner

Linda Demott

Jacqueline Dupont

Karen Gievers Bach

Eugene Hall               

Sally Jordan

Katie Marshall

Patricia Miller    

Janet Olin

Emily Phelps

Calvin Sherman

Carolyn Wright

Maria Gutierrez

Family - $50 Donation

Bill & Patty Applegate

Dr & Mrs Glen Barden

Billy & Barbara Beggs

Frank & Virginia Blow

Rosemary Bottcher

Hines & Janegale Boyd

Gene & Rosaline Chalecki

Joanne Clark

Diane & Jimmy Curlee

John & Teresa Dean

Emily Douglas

Babette Ferris

James A. Gamble

Jim & Sharon Geiger

Thomas & Pamela Goff

Rita Hall

Tom Hess

Diane M. Johnson

Paul Klug

George & Yasmine Lewis

Melanie Mays

Morris & Anita Miller

Carol & John Miller

Paul & Mary Pat Moore

Paula Pendarvis

David & Lynette Pichard

Donald Porter

Holly Sagues

Lamar & Judy Slappey

George Smith

Carey Smith       

Nancy Stover

Connie Sundquist 

Lee Terzis          

Jan Wadsworth

Jim & Martha Ward     

Buddy & Dianne Westbrook

Amber Whetstone

Velinda & Bradley Williams

Avril Williams

Jack Williams

Henry Wortman