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Keeping You Safe & Entertained

We would like to share with our plans with you, our loyal patrons, for ensuring your safety during these challenging times.

Social Distancing

Our Historic Theater has an unrestricted full capacity of about 300 seats, and very high ceilings (15 to 18 feet) on both the downstairs and upstairs floors, as well as a general spaciousness throughout.  This provides good air circulation and more ease in distancing individuals and groups from one another.


Our official social distancing policies for Season 2021-2022 will be determined on a show by show basis, in accordance with current recommendations by the CDC and the state of Florida. Our staff will be keeping abreast of these recommendations and setting policies for the Opera House accordingly.

Personal Protection

We encourage all our patrons and staff to get vaccinated.


We will encourage but not require our staff, volunteers, and show patrons to wear masks, and hand sanitizer dispensers will be located around the building. Our actors and crew will also be encouraged to wear masks while backstage. Of course, anyone who is sick is encouraged to stay home.


These policies may change if there are changes in the Covid-19 pandemic and in the CDC and state of Florida recommendations.


All show patrons, staff, volunteers, actors, and stage crew are encouraged to report any occurrences of unsafe behavior or situations to the theater management.

For upcoming performances we will be offering to re-seat any patrons who are not comfortable in their previously chosen seats due to the desire for social distancing. Patrons will be shown a seating chart with current reservations at check-in and may select new seats before entering the theater. 

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