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Acting & Drama Classes
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Acting for Adults:
Intro to Acting
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Singing & Dance

Always wanted to try acting but haven’t had the opportunity— or maybe the courage? This class is a gentle, hands-on introduction to acting. Learn the jargon, apply techniques, explore and enjoy acting on stage. How far you’ll go is up to you.  Brave just that first step on stage or challenge yourself to expand your abilities.

Spring Semester 2023 MOH has entered into a collaborative effort with the Jefferson County Homeschool Association (JCHAI). Students ages 10 to adults are participating in this Introduction to Acting Workshop, led by instructor Elli Grettenberger. Members of the community, students of other schools, or anyone interested in acting are welcome to join the class. 

Classes are Thursdays at 3:15pm. The Opera House is located on the courthouse circle at 185 West Washington Street, Monticello, Florida.

Questions? Email Tammy Brookins, MOH Volunteer and JCHAI President, with your questions and phone number to She’ll be happy to reply.

Class topics will include:
Scene Study
Performance Workshop
Stage Directing

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