About Us


Our mission is to provide opportunities for this rural north Florida area to participate in and be inspired by quality performing arts programming.


We also seek to educate and empower the culturally underserved and economically challenged people this region through transformative plays and presentations. This programming brings to light our shared history, increases self-and community-awareness and public collaboration, promotes cross-cultural understanding, develops multiple skills and self-confidence, and inspires participants to reach for a better life and a better world.


  • Diversity – We seek to achieve diversity in every aspect of our work, our programs, our performances, our artists, and the community we serve including accessibility and inclusion for all.

  • Ethics – Maintaining consistent and transparent actions with all of our programs and taking steps to be fair and balanced in decisions with one another, our artists, our stakeholders and our patrons.

  • Inspiration - Embracing change as we further our creativity, engage new frontiers in technology and continuously improve how we accomplish our work.

  • Excellence - Always seeking to achieve excellence in all of our endeavors.


  1. To restore and preserve the historic Monticello Opera House.

  2. To maintain continual operation of a regional center for the performing arts.

  3. To promote cultural and artistic educational programming in schools.

  4. To maintain the promotion and operation of the Monticello Opera House as a multipurpose inclusive community center for use by all in the general public.

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Executive Director

Michael J. Herrin

Email director@monticellooperahouse.org

Phone 850-997-4242

Office Hours M-F 10am-5pm

or by appointment

Board of Directors


Chair - Jack Williams

Vice Chair - Ron Cichon

Treasurer - Pat Cichon

Board Members

Edward Carraway

Pat Cichon

Ron Cichon

Marc Cramer

Gene Hall

Anne Herring

Barbie Nettles

Gladys Roann-Watson

Linda Schrader

Michael Schwier

David Ward

Jack Williams

Members Emeritus

Jackie Andris

F. Wilson Carraway

Barbara Culbreath

John Finlayson

Eleanor Hawkins

In Memory

Mike Reichman, Member Emeritus

John Trimble, Member Emeritus