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Artistic creativity flourishes in an environment that welcomes different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds. At Monticello Opera House, the performing arts thrive in a creative community that is diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective. We value the uniqueness of every individual and benefit from their contributions.

The leadership and management of Monticello Opera House are committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive atmosphere for our actors and audiences in each of the following ways:

  • Play Production

WE ARE COMMITTED to producing plays and musicals written by African-Americans and other persons of color. In recent years, the Opera House has held productions of Raisin in the Sun, Anne and Emmet, as well as the world premiere of The Long Goodbye by Anthony Lamar White, as well as several plays produced by the Tallahassee Hispanic Theater. Upcoming productions will include the musicals Underground and The Color Purple. 

  • Diverse Casting and Production Staff

WE ARE COMMITTED to featuring artists of color on our stage and in all of our productions. Our 2019-20 season featured persons of color in each of our main stage productions (with one exception) including our plays, dinner theater, children’s theater, and musicals.  

  • Leadership

WE ARE COMMITTED to representation on our Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of our community. For over 10 years, at least 20% of the Board of Directors at the Opera House has included persons of color.

  • Funding

WE ARE COMMITTED to pursuing funding for diversity programming and educational initiatives at the Monticello Opera House. Through the generosity of donors, the Monticello Opera House has recently launched a Diversity Fund specifically allocated for producing work by persons of color. As part of this initiative, we are currently planning upcoming productions of the musicals Underground (about the Underground Railroad) and The Color Purple. 

  • Education

WE ARE COMMITTED to continuing our rich tradition of educational programming which has been a part of the Opera House history for over 30 years. Such initiatives allow us to share the arts with the students of Jefferson and Leon County. Through Partnerships with Opening Nights at FSU, the Opera House hosted multiple performances by the Egyptian musician and dancer Karim Nagi, and Nan Liu, who performed traditional Chinese art, music and calligraphy.

Diversity and Inclusion

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